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Transform Your Kitchen With Expert Space Design

With our busy lives, kitchens are increasingly the focal point of our homes. The demands we place on them mean they have to offer the ultimate in functionality whilst at the same time being homely and aesthetically pleasing. A tall order, but with careful planning and research, you can create the right kitchen design for you and your family.
The traditional kitchen plan has always been a simple work triangle between the fridge, cooker and sink. While this still holds true, we have so many more demands on our kitchens today. Numerous recycling boxes clutter the floor, an increasing number of gadgets such as coffee machines and bread makers take up our precious work surfaces, while the eating area has to double as a dining room, office and homework zone.
Considerations When Designing a Kitchen

Seating - Begin with where you want to sit as your starting point. Ideally, the main work area should face the seating area. Installing an island enables you to have a hob on one side so you can talk to people as you cook and a breakfast bar with storage underneath on the other.

Sinks - Sinks are becoming a distinguishing feature and many people are opting for a double sink.

Storage - Make sure that you not only have sufficient storage for recycling boxes, pots and pans and gadgets, but also for food. Standalone pantries are regaining popularity.

Units - You can source good value kitchen units from DIY stores, John Lewis or IKEA. Pay a little more for soft close drawers, touch open cupboards or LED lighting if you want a quality feel.

Lighting - A mix of lighting is important to make sure your kitchen works well. Pendants are gaining popularity over recessed lighting.

Work surfaces - Make sure you have enough work surfaces. People are now using a mix of materials, ranging from wood, marble, Corian, granite, stainless steel, slate or even concrete. If you only have one material, make sure it is as heat, water, and knife resistant as possible.

Colour scheme - You can always add a splash of colour by painting the walls.

Floors - Kitchens get a lot of traffic, so it's worth having hardwearing linoleum, vinyl or wood floors. Stone and tile can be more prone to chipping and breaking.

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